Creating a fun and imaginative birthday for seven year old kids is simple. There may be many other more creative ideas, but this one was so good and loads of fun to create too. Although you may love this idea, please feel free to modify it and comment below so others could benefit from additions. Also, there will be those of you that will obtain other creative ideas from reading my experiences with my son’s seven year old birthday party idea. Enjoy.
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7 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas – Secret Agent Party

The secret agent birthday party was inexpensive, creative, very enjoyable, and valued for years. It was my son’s 7 year old birthday party at the same playground he had his Star Wars 6th birthday party. Just some feedback about it before I illustrate it in detail later: The invitations were coded so you could only read them when looking at the invitation’s image in a mirror, and absolutely nothing was mentioned about it. This was a huge success and created suspense for this fun 7 year old birthday party. I think there were one or two which couldn’t figure out how to decode the message, but many of us invited these people the old-fashioned way in any case.


The parents and 7 year old kids were so excited to get the request written with seemingly nonsense characters. It was unclear to me how many thought this was a wonderful and creative way to invite friends to a 7 year old secret agent party, but at least half of the parents told me they appreciated this more unique seven year old birthday party approach. It is really gratifying as a parent to get these sorts of comments from my son’s friends’ parents’. Once again, parents remarked about how wonderful they thought this party was. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not tooting my creative horn, as I am not too creative but was resourceful with researching ideas to pursue for my son’s 7 year old party. It is just nice to break the particular mold now and then and invest a little more time contemplating how your parent’s might have done your own 7 year old birthday party in the current age.

Microsoft Word had a feature that let you print as a mirror image, so this part had been easy. The secret crossword puzzle was easy too, as there are many free services on the internet that let you develop such questions. The melting targets have been found at a local dollar retailer with water guns. On the whole, the get together was inexpensive, loads of entertaining, and will be appreciated by the mother, father and kids for years.

Seven Year old Birthday Party – Gifts

This was so cool. For each kid at the seven year old party Although not ready at the beginning of the birthday party, they were ready by the end. The party started with each of the kids getting their picture taken as they arrived and filling out some forms to get their ID card. I had prepared mock secret agent ID cards that were modeled after Agent Cody Banks’ ID card found on the Internet. The process took preparation but was simple. After taking pictures I ran home and added the images to the prepared cards and then ran to Kinko’s (luckily there was one 3 miles away), cut out each individually and plastic coated all the cards together with enough space to cut into rectangular laminated cards for each kid. Although slightly cumbersome, you wouldn’t believe how thrilled all the kids were to be official Child Intelligence Agents or CIA. However, make sure to not use full name. Code names were used too.

Seven Year Old Birthday Party – Scavenger Hunt

This was another huge hit with the birthday party: Encoding clues for a scavenger hunt with scrambled letters. I believe I printed a simple decoding ring online that allowed you to create coded phrases by replacing the actual letter with another letter that could be decoded with the key. Not complicated for you or me, but the kids were so thrilled. Simply use the decoding ring with the key to decipher the phrase for the scavenger hunt. They worked in teams of two and it was so much fun for all. Giving them a key of 5 meant that coded A would really mean F, and so on. There were two concentric rings with the alphabet that were of different diameters that spun from the same center. So, once you established the key all coded letters would be alongside their decoded results. Here is an example of one of the coded clues to the scavenger hunt. Notice the two wheels use alphabets around the their circumferences in different directions, so when you align the 2 on one wheel with the A on the other all codes are broken.

After the festivities at the park for my son’s seven year old birthday party, we returned home to continue the fun with several of the kids whose parents couldn’t pick them up at the park. It sure is fun watching seven year old kids have fun. Seven is the age were innocent teasing may have started, but it is mostly just genuine exuberant fun.