This might be the first year that birthday parties started being really fun from a father’s perspective. I didn’t right things down in any type of journal, but I can vividly remember some of these fun times over eleven years later. May birthday parties, presents and other items have occurred since, but it always makes me smile to think of times spent with my son during many special moments, particularly as birthday party experiences grew. I definitely consider my son’s 3 year old birthday party ideas as the start of some incredible times.

3 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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Here are 3 year old birthday party ideas. This may be the first really fun birthday party where input from the child is valid, as he/she has been walking for two years and talking for a year – yet still many years shy of the know-it-all age. Enjoy these years as much as possible.

This was the year that we rented an inflatable jumping room. Interestingly, the only jumpy room they had was one that had an inflatable horse head at the top, above the entry to the contraption. Because of the slope of my driveway, I had to set up the entrance of the inflatable at the top of the driveway. Made send to not have the entrance/exit be on the downhill side of a room that kids could potentially bounce out from gravity. The unexpected results of this were priceless, and will be discussed later.

Well, ten or more kids came over to celebrate my son’s third birthday party. Actually, there were maybe another four or five neighborhood kids that were attracted to the jumping room and came over to play. Luckily, these were normally slightly older kids that the others looked up to that showed them how to maximize your bounce. Sometimes parents were in the room with their kids, as many kids were very unsettled by the instability of the floor and potential dangers of the room. At one point with four or five kids in the room a piece of paper blew by the intake side of the blower, settled itself on the intake, blocked all input air and the inflatable structure deflated in five seconds. This traumatized several of the kids to a point that they may still be leery of every getting inside such a horrible chamber again. It was too funny. My son was one of the kids that was inside at the time and it sure affected him for a couple years. He didn’t want to set foot inside one of these for at least two years.

What made this even funnier was that I took him up to his room on the top floor at one point after the traumatizing deflation and he looked out the window and, there staring at him perfectly centered in his upstairs window, was the inflatable horse head. This amplified his discomfort, but made me laugh even more.

Kids played and played, with their parents getting inside too at times, before all gathered together to eat cake, open presents and play even more. There were several neighbor kids that stayed playing outside in the jumping room, but those from the party never set a foot back inside the frightening horse’s inflatable floor. Whatever the case, this was a very memorable 3 year old birthday party idea that I am hoping others will share.

Please add your three year old birthday party ideas to the comment section below. The idea is to have many ideas for the readers to choose from. Please come back to this site often and comment, as this is how we learn what you all want.