11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas – Movies

11 year old kids are just another step closer to independence, at least according to them. They are seasoned double-digit aged kids that look at ten year old kids as freshmen on the path to entering teenage years. This is my guess of what they are thinking, but what do I know – as I am a dad that is ancient in my son’s mind. Too funny.

Rather than entertaining 10 kids or more in a coordinated birthday party, my son chose to invite several fiends to a movie and then cake and ice cream afterward. Actually, we had a pizza first so the night was more complete. I think three great friends were chosen, but this was more for a vehicle capacity limitation than a cost reason. Seating five people in a car is much easier than seating 6 or making two trips to the theater and back. Whatever the reason, this number of invitees was perfect, as they fit into the car and also made it less likely to have one kid get excluded.

Anyway, I took the kids to one of the Harry Potter movies and had them sit wherever they wanted and I sat, as instructed, as far away from them as possible. This is what dads absorb on their son’s 11th birthday party. The kids sat closer to the front than I would have, but they really enjoyed being nearly alone.

Before this we went to the neighborhood pizza joint, which happened to be next door to the movie, and then marched a few feet to the theater. Kids were given $5 each and then pooled their money to get popcorn and snacks. My son certainly enjoyed his steps toward  11 year old independence.

After we returned home, sang happy birthday and the kids played a bit before opening presents and eating cake. Even though we just returned from a long movie where they seemed to continually eat candy, they were ready for cake and ice cream. Parents returned to talk a bit before leaving with their kids.

All in all, this was a low stress birthday experience that was really enjoyed by my son and those that he invited. What was tough for him was excluding several that he would have otherwise invited. As customary, he had a separate party for his extended family members.

Please add your own 11 year old birthday party ideas to the comments section below. The idea behind this is to have ideas from other people that can be enjoyed by all the readers before they choose what activity they will do when their boy or girl turns eleven years old.