I find that birthday parties are still very important for 10 year old kids. 10 year old kids like a variety of birthday parties: bowling, cart racing, baseball games, or any number of other imaginative activities. Below is an example of how my son spent his 10th birthday.

10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Baseball Event

Maybe I started this a little early, but having a smaller birthday event when my son turned 10 years old worked out perfectly despite not being able to invite as many friends as in past years. He accepted this new concept very well, and the smaller group for a longer period of time made it really great. Your child, whether boy or girl, will love the excitement of spending several hours at a sporting event with their friends. This is simply part of the 10 year old maturation process.

First, I had to consider my budget for the birthday party. This budget determined that my son could invite three friends. That was the easy part. The tough part came when he had to restrict his invitees to three, as he would have loved to bring ten or more. Actually, the limitation was also due to the size vehicle we had at that time, as we lived 45 minutes from the nearest Major League ballpark. Names were chosen so we moved on.

Four excited 10 year old kids in a car for 45 minutes with me was great. It was great that my son invited only baseball-loving friends to his 10th birthday party, as the conversation in the car turned to everything baseball related and left no-one out. After talking to the kids about the importance of staying close to me, I gave them each their tickets once inside the park. They traveled in a tight group behind or alongside me, all the while trying to figure out the seating arrangements with the different section numbers. It was so fun to watch.

Once at our seats, they were in heaven talking baseball with all the related action around them. I went to the snack bar and picked up hot dogs and other snacks for them and then let them get an item or two from the vendors that walked the park. It was almost as if there wasn’t a birthday-party and simply a baseball party with equally excited kids. I didn’t do this, but there was another 10 year old kid that had his party announced on the Jumbo-Tron. Not sure how much it was, but it surely would have limited those that I brought further. However, it really established a wonderful memory for this 10 year old.

We were on the road again three hours after the game began, with the kids talking baseball just as excitingly as when we were on the way to the game. I didn’t talk much but sure enjoyed watching/listening-to the excitement of my son’s 10 year old birthday party idea coming to fruition. Once home, the next hour was spend eating cake while talking baseball, before opening presents and waiting for the parents to arrive.

This sort of birthday party idea brought me back to my youth, so these memories alone were worth the costs. So, the value of seeing four kids enjoy this as much as I think I would have when younger was a pure bonus. I would recommend this sort of party for 10 year old kids.

Please comment below with other 10 year old birthday party ideas as you can. The idea behind this site if to let these ideas grow so new viewers will have more variety at their disposal when they plan their child’s next birthday party.