This first birthday party will be something you remember the rest of your life. You may even refer back to it as your child enters his/her teenage years with fond memories. LOL. Well, the below items are designed to help you make this occasion more special and memorable. You might see some items that appeal to you, but there are many more that you can get to from these links that might be more to your liking. Whatever the case, please spend time looking for items that will make you happy, as this is a very special birthday party that you will be glad you focused on.

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1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating your child’s 1 year old birthday is incredible for the family. Although the new yearling will not understand what all theĀ  excitement is about, he or she should be used to it to a large extent and will be completely excited. I know at this age a 1 year old birthday party celebration is more for the parents than the kids, but that is alright. The weight of enjoyment will shift to your child soon enough. Until then, let this be the time you bond with other parents and family while watching your son or daughter experience something that they won’t remember. It is all good and exciting in the eyes of parents watching their new one year old celebrate his/her first birthday party.

There are many that celebrate their child’s first birthday party by theme, whether it is Pink Mod Monkey, John Deere 1st Birthday, Lill Prince 1st Birthday or another. These themes will provide a structure that will help organize this first birthday party event and determine the direction of gifts. Believe it or not, these themes will help other parents select a gift for your new one year old child too, so make sure to consider that when choosing your theme.

I remember my son’s first birthday party at the local park with family and a few friends. There were presents ranging from books to toys to clothing, but the highlight for all was the cake. It was a small cake that Von’s gave out for free to help celebrate 1 year old birthdays. The cake was put on the ground in front of the year old and he was told to “have at it.” He ate and wore the entire cake, making for great pictures, but leaving nothing for others to share.

The setup for this was simple. I invited family and a few friends to the local park, picked up the cake at the store, spread a blanket on the grass and we all sang happy birthday while my 1 year old son demolished the cake. Many took pictures while others talked. It was an exciting time for the parents and birthday boy, as there were many there laughing and having fun. Laughing sure is contagious. This couldn’t be clearer than watching a new 1 year old laugh and laugh only because of attention. This leads to parents laughing more and more, which in turn produces more laughter from your child. It is quite funny.

Oh yeah, make sure to schedule the party to be right after he/she takes a nap. Otherwise, there will be tantrums and lots of unhappiness. Although it has been years since I have been at one of these, I am pretty sure the entire party lasted not much more than an hour. Cranky and tired babies don’t lend themselves to pleasant environments. Please consider this when choosing who to invite.

Do you have your own 1st Birthday Party Experience you would like to share? If so, please add it to the fields below for others to see. I am sure there are many that would appreciate your 1st birthday party idea. Whether complex or simple, please share your experiences.