Birthday Party Ideas for Kids 1 – 13

Why not have the Most Remembered and Least Expensive Birthday Party for your Child? Have you ever wanted to throw a birthday party for your child that was different and would be fondly remembered ten, twenty or thirty years later?  Or, are you tired of neighborhood birthday parties being held at the same places or escalating in cost to the point that you consider taking out a second mortgage? I can tell you that some of the most creative birthday parties I have had and experienced have also been the least expensive and the most appreciated by many parents.  Bowling and other templated birthday parties are easy, but don’t get remembered or appreciated the same way as other creative parties.  Parents have often told me that they liked and appreciated seeing birthday parties like they remembered as kids, but so rarely seem to experience them.

My Personal Favorite Birthday Party Ideas

My son lived and loved Star Wars when he was very young, so when he was a 5 year old he was given a home-made Star Wars Birthday Party. I thought about starting a site that showed people how they could do this too. Nine years later it is still my favorite and the most creative birthday party I have given. In a nutshell he had different Star War games at the park like shooting water pistols at a target that disintegrated as it became wet, other races and such. What was the largest hit were the light sabers I made for each kid that they used to battle at the park and take home for years of future Star Wars battling enjoyment. More on how these were assembled will be included in the full description as this site matures. I also made a simulated Death Star Piñata out of Paper Mache, painted it black and glued various colored brush cleaners onto its surface. The assembled light sabers were a huge hit for an additional three of four years in our neighborhood, and are still used at time (actually I just remade two of them as the noodle foam had worn away 8 years later. More will be written about it shortly.

The secret agent birthday party was also inexpensive, creative, tons of fun, and remembered for years. It was my son’s 7th birthday party at the same park. Just a few comments about it before I describe it in detail later: The invitations were coded so you could only read them in the mirror and nothing was mentioned about it in writing or verbally. This was a huge success and built the suspense for the upcoming party. I think there were one or two that couldn’t figure our the code, but we invited them anyway.

My son’s 9th birthday party invitations described the theme using a crossword puzzle. I will link to some tools that I used to do this later. Sorry for the scattered and incomplete site. I just started it and will be populating it in the next couple weeks with much more content.

Visit Birthday Party Ideas for any age child. You will be sure to enjoy your experiences.